Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

This hike requires prior experience and knowledge; therefore it should not be attempted by beginners. But the rewards make this trek one of the top hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park with spectacular views.

This trail, located near Alberta Falls, is ideal for anyone attempting to acclimate themselves to alpine terrain in the park. As its name implies, this short hike offers incredible scenery.

Bear Lake ? Trail

Rocky Mountain National Park boasts one of the finest hiking experiences around, and this short yet sweet trail is no different. This short but sweet hike takes visitors through some of its most breathtaking areas while giving them the chance to witness elk, bison and other forms of wildlife up close and personal.

This popular hike offers an ideal way to visit four gorgeous alpine lakes in an efficient manner, including Bear, Nymph and Dream Lakes along this stunning trail.

Views from Rocky Mountain National Park are truly magnificent, but be prepared for a challenging hike up its summit. Beginners should probably avoid it, while experienced trekkers should embrace this rewarding challenge and join a guided day hiking or multi-day snowshoe tour to maximize your trip.

Emerald Lake Trail

If you’re in search of an exciting yet relaxing day hike, the Emerald Lake Trail might just be for you. From alpine lakes and waterfalls to breathtaking high-mountain views and delightful hiking paths – all these aspects combine into an enjoyable hiking adventure!

Trail begins at Bear Lake and winds around an adjacent subalpine lake before ascending towards Emerald Lake, famous for its gorgeous crystal-clear emerald color and overlooked by 12,713-foot Hallett Peak.

From there, the trail continues on to Nymph Lake and Dream Lake along a scenic trail that offers views of Glacier Gorge, Flattop Mountain, and Tyndall Glacier. Though this hike does feature steep inclines and steps, its spectacular panorama makes the experience well worth your while! This hike is also great for first-time hikers looking to experience Rocky Mountain National Park in style.

Mills Lake Trail

Mills Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the premier hiking routes, boasting stunning vistas from Bear Lake to Alberta Falls before reaching Mills lake. It’s sure to become one of your favourite Rocky Mountain hikes.

As this trail is quite popular, you will likely encounter other hikers on it. To minimize crowding on this scenic trek, start out early in the morning to avoid weekend hikers and enjoy its beauty without too much of an impact from other hikers.

This trail offers an ideal winter hiking experience. Snow and less traffic make for spectacular vistas throughout Rocky Mountain National Park; whether you want to see breathtaking waterfalls or simply experience alpine tundra landscapes – this hike has something for you! Located close to Glacier Gorge and Bear Lake Trailheads, this incredible trek will not disappoint!

Lily Lake?Trail

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park’s accessibility make this hike an excellent opportunity for families looking to experience its vast flora and scenery. Furthermore, this trail provides a good introduction to more challenging trails within RMNP.

This trail begins near the edge of the park and winds its way through a forest before opening up onto forested peaks that surround Twin Sisters Peaks. Once above treeline, alpine tundra takes over as you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of various peaks.

Are You Planning a Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park? Below is our list of recommended hikes that will ensure that your time in the mountains will be maximized! So get planning now your Rocky Mountain National Park adventure.

Chasm Lake?Trail

Chasm Lake is a stunning high alpine gem and a popular detour on hikers’ journey up Longs Peak. This moderate-to-strenuous trail can be enjoyed best during early to late summer and features well-marked trail segments until you encounter an obtuse rock slab that requires traversing.

Rocky Mountain National Park is known for its rugged backcountry and stunning alpine landscapes, such as deep cirques, waterfalls and talus peaks. There are several gorgeous lakes within this park that are easy to access – making your visit here well worth your while!

Chasm Lake, situated nearby Lily Lake, boasts towering peaks and an eye-catching turquoise color, making it a stunning site. Chasm Lake also provides the ideal opportunity to spot American Dippers – aquatic birds native to this lake – as well as offering two impressive waterfalls that add even more splendor.

Sky Pond?Trail

On this hike through RMNP’s most stunning scenery, there is a high probability of seeing an elk or two! Although this trek is fairly strenuous with several steep elevation gains through Glacier Gorge, the effort will definitely pay off!

Once you’ve traversed Mills Junction and left behind the crowds, this trail will lead you through stunning alpine lakes surrounded by magnificent peaks. One such lake is The Loch; this popular attraction draws in lots of visitors each year.

Glass Lake provides an opportunity for some scrambling around to reach its shore and experience breathtaking views. Sky Pond may well be considered the prettiest lake on this trail and offers stunning photo opps.

Gem Lake?Trail

Although this hike might be shorter than others in Rocky Mountain National Park, that doesn’t make it any simpler. While its round-trip mileage is relatively low and elevation gain modest, even experienced hikers could find themselves out of breath by its end.

As they trek uphill, hikers will pass various spots that offer stunning panoramic views of Estes Park and Longs Peak, Paul Bunyan’s Boot, as well as other interesting rock formations along their route.

Gem Lake Trailhead can be found on the northern side of Rocky Mountain National Park, north of Estes Park. Hikers must travel along MacGregor Avenue northbound from Estes Park in order to access this trailhead, making sure their National Park Pass is visible in their windshield as this will avoid an entry fee at this trailhead.

Notchtop Mountain Trail

One of the best hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, this short and easy loop takes you around a stunning alpine lake while providing stunning views of iconic peaks such as Half Mountain, Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain. Perfect for all ages and skill levels; particularly suitable for first-time hikers.

Notchtop Mountain’s east face is a classic alpine spire, featuring steep gullies and narrow ridges, offering thrilling climbing for those up for the challenge. Notchtop’s east face also makes for a beautiful hike that will help bring nature close.

This popular lake hike begins at Bear Lake Trailhead and leads to an alpine lake situated within a bowl below Flattop Mountain, Ptarmigan Peak, and Notchtop Mountain. This moderate hike features stunning scenery as well as the chance of seeing wildlife such as elk and mule deer along its route.

Bear Lake to?Nymph?Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park’s most beloved hike, this short and moderate trail offers plenty of bang for your buck. Starting off on the paved Bear Lake Trail near its trailhead, the path quickly splits into two: Nymph Lake leads off left while Bear Lake Loop circles straight ahead around this beautiful body of water.

This exquisite alpine lake, set against dramatic mountains, makes an incredible photo opportunity. Lily pads adorn its surface while towering peaks tower above in the background – an unforgettable scene!

At Nymph Lake, the trail turns to dirt before continuing over to Dream and Emerald lakes – this well-marked dirt path is popular with visitors of the park.

Ypsilon Lake Trail

The Ypsilon Lake Trail provides an ideal way to escape the crowds of Rocky Mountain National Park while still taking in breathtaking alpine scenery. Beginning from Lawn Lake Trailhead, this hike follows a forested path with views of Ypsilon Mountain before leading down into Chipmunk Lake for some peaceful swimming and relaxing time.

Hike along this introductory trail for first-time hikers at Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoy passing Nymph Lake and Dream Lake along with opportunities to see Glacier Gorge, Flattop Mountain, and Hallet Peak.

Hike Ypsilon Lake between mid-May and June or September to avoid extreme heat and lightning storms that commonly appear above treeline. You might also catch sight of beautiful fall colors along your journey!

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